Student Centered Learning is all about creating a spectrum of possibilities for children to initiate a voyage of self-discovery and drive themselves towards newer goals.

Mixed age-group learning

A heterogenous age group in their early childhood are likely to gain more than a homogeneous group, both intellectually and socially. In addition to that, it makes them emotionally healthy by strengthening their bonds despite differences in their age.

Flexible learning

Our children are not bound by timetables. The timings and methods employed are very flexible, which allow them to walk into any learning space at any point of time and exit at their own will. This freedom provides children a breathing space and aids them to learn responsibly.

Credit-based evaluation

We have a continuous evaluation process. We assign credits for academic as well as non-academic performances, acknowledging their learning. In addition to that, we do not have tests or examinations till Grade V. Individual and group activities are given equal importance on the basis of which a cumulative evaluation is done by the mentors.

Technology-enabled learning

Technology is an integral part of every child's learning process. It also could be the choice of a student to use technology to learn concepts. From Robotics, Internet and gadgets to software or app development, children use technology.

Focus on all-round development

Our schooling principles ensure a child's overall growth and development. Due attention is given to both academic and non academic aspects of a child’s learning. So that each child's latent talent is identified and honed properly. Core values of teamwork, commitment, and resilience are instilled in them.