We strive to create a holistic learning experience for our students that is interactive, engaging, and stimulating at the same time. Every child is special and we try to bring the best out of them, in a fun way. Differences are celebrated in all their variations in order to shape thoughtful citizens out of our children. Through our free thinking and open learning approach, we aim to empower children with unique abilities.

Begin new, begin fresh

In our school, children enter the campus without the extra burden of carrying bags and books everyday. They are not bound by any time-table and are free to decide what they want to learn and when.

  • Gather their stuff – books, stationery, etc.
  • Pick-up their check-in/check-out sheets
  • Enter the learning spaces of their choice

Learn by solving problems

Children learn concepts in different subjects by solving problems that are specially created based on their individual capabilities. They reason, research, and explore all learning possibilities to crack the problems.

  • Concepts presented as problem statements
  • Children plan their activities and assess their learning
  • Make all efforts to crack the problem, seek help if they hit a roadblock

Explore & experiment

Children are free to go beyond the curriculum and explore all learning infrastructure as well as facilities that are available on the campus at any point of time. Our school works towards identifying and nurturing their unique strengths and qualities.

  • Unrestricted access to learning opportunities
  • Interactive and open environment
  • Constructive interventions at right times

Share knowledge, gain insights

Children thrive on learning through collaboration with their peers. They share the knowledge that they have acquired, understand varied perspectives, and gain insights by harnessing collective intelligence of the peer group.

  • Document the learning, make presentations
  • Share their knowledge with peers and mentors
  • Gain deeper understanding through discussions

Fine-tune learning, acquire mastery

The assisted learning approach helps to clear the misconceptions that may have blurred the understanding of a concept. The fine-tuning of learning is done in a way that is encouraging for each and every child.

  • Positive approach to address incorrect learning
  • Deeper analysis of misconceptions to identify patterns
  • Customized learning for each child

Play games, engage in fine art

Equal prominence is given to scholastic and co-curricular activities for children’s all-round development. Every day’s routine includes children’s engagement with indoor/outdoor games, fine arts and performing arts.

  • Dedicated hours for sports and arts
  • Free to play games of their choice
  • Basic skills to expert training in co-curricular

Go home - Happy and eager to return again!

Children don’t have to carry the burden of the school activities after going home. This helps to ensure a stress-free childhood. In addition to that, it also gives them the time to invest their efforts in interests beyond the school curriculum.

  • "No Homework" rule allows breathing space
  • School-based activities limited to the campus
  • Home is meant to pursue personal interests